Itaipu Binacional participates in the 10th World Water Forum (WWF), in Indonesia

Largest global event on water resources takes place from May 18th to 25th

A reference in environmental preservation and water security, Itaipu Binacional will participate in the World Water Forum (WWF), the world’s largest global event on the subject, in Bali, Indonesia. The event begins this Saturday (18th) and continues until the 25th. The program includes plenary sessions, individual sessions, and roundtables.

The Coordination Director, Carlos Carboni, along with a group of employees from the Brazilian and Paraguayan sides of the plant, will attend the event to share Itaipu’s best practices in water conservation. These initiatives take into account water management and quality, as well as waste treatment, with their social, economic, and environmental impacts, establishing a direct link between the root cause and mitigating actions that generate concrete results.

The WWF aims to put forward solutions to problems related to water issues. The initiative began in 1997 and takes place every three years in different countries. The goal is to work on the implementation of a global agenda and objectives around the sustainable management of water resources. Itaipu Binacional, a member of the World Water Council, started its participation in the 2006 edition and has ever since actively participated on a regular basis.

According to Carboni, ‘this is a great opportunity for the plant to show the world that it is possible to reconcile the generation of clean and renewable energy with environmental preservation and concern for the well-being of the population.’ Itaipu is an example of the union of efforts to achieve more effective results, the adaptation of global technologies for local use, and investments in caring for the environment and people.

Itaipu’s participation.

Itaipu participates in a number of different topics: Knowledge and Innovation, Research and Management for Water Security, Water Security and Climate Change, and Transboundary Water Resources Management.

On Monday (20th) at 1:30 PM, the Coordination Director, Carlos Carboni, will participate in the opening of the fair and the Latin American Pavilion, where he will give a presentation about the plant.

On Tuesday (21st) at 10:20 AM, Itaipu will participate in the plenary session ‘Innovation in Data Production,’ with Jussara Elias de Souza from Itaipu’s Reservoir Division. On the same day, at 1:00 PM, Newmar Wegner from PTI will participate in the dialogue ‘Driving Data Sharing and Governance.’

At 5:00 PM, in the Latin American Pavilion, Carlos Carboni will represent Itaipu at the installation ceremony of the Latin American Water Council (CLAA), in partnership with the National Water and Basic Sanitation Agency (ANA) and the Brazil Network of River Basin Organizations (REBOB), among other institutions.

On Wednesday (22nd), Itaipu will be represented by the Coordination Director at the plenary session ‘Accelerating Progress on SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) – Monitoring SDG 6 and PSS-SDG.

On Thursday (23rd), the roundtable ‘Potable Water: Challenge for Vulnerable Communities in Latin America’ will be moderated by Simone Benassi from Itaipu’s Reservoir Division. The panel will include the Coordination Director, who will speak about the Itaipu More than Energy Program; Edith Paredes from the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO); and Viviane Luiza, State Secretary for Citizenship (MS).

At 10:30 AM, the roundtable ‘Research and Management for Water Security’ is scheduled. The session will be moderated by Cláudia Lima from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and will feature Lucas Garcia from the Operational Support Division of Itaipu’s Coordination Board; Ximena Lacués Parodi from the Ministry of Environment of Uruguay; and Santiago Gómez Molina from Colombia Anteagroup.

At 1:30 PM, there will be a dialogue on ‘Water Security in an Uncertain Future: Integrated Water Resources Management and the Impacts of Climate Change,’ moderated by ANA advisor Gisela Forattini and featuring Director Carlos Carboni.

On Friday (24th), the session ‘Transboundary Water Resources Management’ will take place, featuring two professionals from Itaipu: Brazilian Celso Buglione and Paraguayan Daniel Vazquez, from the Reservoir Divisions of both sides of Itaipu. They will discuss the binational management of the reservoir and fishing as an economic activity.

From 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, the session ‘Water, Society, and Climate Change’ will take place, with an opening and moderation by Itaipu employee Luiz Maldonado from the Hydrological and Energy Studies Division, and a presentation by Moacir Schmengler from PTI. The program will also include a lecture by the Coordination Director, followed by debates.


With 20 generating units and 14 thousand MW of installed power, Itaipu is a world leader in the generation of clean and renewable energy, having produced, since 1984, 3 billion MWh. In 2023, it accounted for around 10% of Brazil’s electricity supply and 88% of Paraguay’s.