Brazil Pavilion at Expo Dubai celebrates 2 million visitors

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Itaipu’s exhibition contributed directly to Brazil’s results, with a daily average of 30 thousand visitors. Photos: Rodrigo Sodré/Istreamingstudio.

In a world exhibition influenced by uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Brazil Pavilion – opened in October 2021 at Expo Dubai – celebrated on Tuesday (29) the mark of 2 million visitors. The number was reached with the arrival of the Indian couple Sudha Toshniwal and Sharad Lahoti, accompanied by their three-year-old daughter Saiesha. They attended the exhibition of Itaipu Binacional on water care, installed on site.

“I thought it was very cool! The Brazil Pavilion is one of the most beautiful of the Expo”, said Sharad after learning that he contributed to the 2 million visitor mark. “This exhibition brings these themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity, aspects on which we need to focus our lives, and I think this is very positive,” Sudha added.

The Indian family was welcomed by the general commissioner of Brazil at the Expo, Elias Rodrigues Martins, by the director of the Brazil Pavilion, Raphael Nascimento, and by the superintendent of Environmental Management of Itaipu, Ariel Scheffer da Silva. In addition to gifts, the couple received a medal from Itaipu commemorating Brazil’s 2 million visits at the Expo.

Sudha Toshniwal and Sharad Lahoti, accompanied by their daughter Saiesha.

Two days before the end of the event and with the restrictions of the pandemic diminishing, the desire to take advantage of the final moments of the Expo has attracted a growing audience. Itaipu’s interactive attractions have also contributed directly to win over visitors, who have to choose from over 190 pavilions.

For Rafael Nascimento, Brazil’s success at the Expo is the result of five years of work spent planning of Brazilian participation, in addition to the construction of the pavilion. All with the goal of showing a positive image of Brazil, a country open to the world and working with the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Since April 20, Itaipu Binacional has occupied the Brazil Pavilion with a series of attractions that seek to sensitize and carry a message of environmental awareness in a playful, interactive and immersive way, showing the interconnections between water, energy, climate and biodiversity.

Itaipu’s presentation contributed directly to Brazil’s results. Before, the expectation was that movement during the six months of the Expo would reach around 1.85 million visitors, with a daily average of about 10,000 people. With the presence of Itaipu, the average rose to 28,375 visitors, according to data obtained until Monday (28). Eight of the ten days of greatest visitation of the pavilion over six months occurred with the presence of the binational, whose 12-day exhibition should be seen by about 400 thousand people from around the world by the end of next Thursday (31), the last day of the event.

For Nascimento, Itaipu “closes Brazil’s participation with a golden key”. “From the start, the company was committed to presenting the best of Brazil in Dubai. “And exhibits in tune with the essence of the Universal Exhibition, which has a dimension of entertainment, mesmerizing the visitor with the most fantastic things each country has to show”, he said.

“The theme chosen by Itaipu, water as movement, life and energy, connects completely with the three pillars of sustainability portrayed in the pavilion, proving that the company’s business is not only generating power, but also promoting sustainable development,” he summarized.