COP 28: Itaipu presents commitments to SDGs and socio-environmental work

Itaipu Binacional arrives at COP 28 in Dubai committed to presenting the results obtained in the socio-environmental work carried out over the years and the new program Itaipu Mais que Energia (Itaipu: more than Energy).

In the panels and events that it will take part in, the company, committed to the 17 SDGs, will showcase the good practices and work it has developed throughout its area of influence, mainly with regard to combating hunger and inequalities; adequate use of soil and water; preservation and restoration of forests; wildlife care; and energy, water, and sanitation, among others.

Environmental concern has been part of Itaipu’s history. With the formation of the reservoir, the company invested in creating a green belt of over 100,000 hectares of pre-served Atlantic Forest. There are eight biological reserves and refuges in both countries, totaling 45,000 hectares, including the reservoir protection zone.

These areas are recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, making Itaipu the only hydropower plant in the world with this title. On the Brazilian side alone, Itaipu has planted 24 million trees. On both shores, the estimate is 44 million.

In addition to reforestation and reservoir protection, another measure to reduce and offset the impacts caused by the project’s implementation was the royalty system, paid to the national treasuries of both countries in accordance with their respective legislation. Royalty payments began in March 1985.

Since then, the governments of Brazil and Paraguay have jointly received over US$13 billion. Itaipu’s mission incorporates social and environmental responsibility, which is translated into various programs focused on the environment, the development of new technologies, local communities around the plant, and the reservoir, tourism, and regional infrastructure improvements, contributing to job creation and income generation.

In 2023, the Brazilian side of the plant expanded the scope of its socio-environmental actions to cover 434 municipalities, encompassing the entire state of Paraná and the southern part of Mato Grosso do Sul, with the “Itaipu Mais que Energia” (Itaipu: More than Energy) program.

Here, through infographics, you can see how Itaipu provides its contributions to advancing the 17 SDGs within the Brazilian area of the plant’s operations.

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