COP 27: Itaipu highlights the role of hydro in energy transition

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Itaipu Binacional participates in the 27th edition of the World Climate Conference (COP 27), where it presents good practices in water management, production of clean and renewable energy, protection of biodiversity and other related topics. COP 27 takes place in Sharm El-Sheik (Egypt) from November 6th to 18th.

With its participation, Itaipu is an example of the Brazilian and Paraguayan potential for the production of green energy, 100% renewable and non-polluting, demonstrating how hydroelectricity has an important role to play in the energy transition (the replacement of fossil sources, which generate greenhouse gases, by clean sources, to zero emissions in the energy sector by 2050).

The binational power plant is the largest generator of clean energy on the planet, with more than 2.8 billion megawatt-hours of accumulated production since 1984, enough to supply the world for 45 days. And it is the promoter of the largest reforestation program in the electricity sector, preserving 100 thousand hectares of Atlantic Forest which is recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. 

Itaipu’s reservoir is protected by forests in both Brazilian and Paraguayan margins. Photo: Daniel Degranville.

According to Itaipu’s Environmental Management superintendent, Ariel Scheffer da Silva, the company applies the concept of nature-based solutions, promoting forest restoration, recovery of springs, conservation of soils and other actions that protect the multiple uses of water (such as power generation, supply, agriculture, tourism and maintenance of wildlife). 

“To that are added environmental education and the engagement of society, and also technological innovation and data analysis, so that these actions are effective and lasting”, says Ariel. “This approach is essential for tackling climate change”. 


Itaipu’s participation in COP 27 starts this Wednesday (9th). The company is a co-organizer, along with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the UN (UN DESA), of the side event “Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions supporting Climate Change and Biodiversity Objectives through Innovation and Clean Technologies”. The event will take place at 2:45 pm at the SDG Pavilion (Blue Zone), with webcast via the link:

On Thursday (10th), the company participates in two panels at the Brazil Pavilion (Blue Zone): at 11 am, the theme is “Brazil and the Sustainable Development Goals: contributions to SDGs 6, 7 and 13”; and at 4 pm, “Renewable Energy Sources”. Both events are broadcasted live on the Ministry of the Environment’s YouTube channel.

On Monday (14th), Itaipu is one of the organizers and panelists of the event “Nexus solutions for climate-resilient water, energy, food and environment security: lessons learned from the ground”, at 12:00 in the Water Pavilion (Blue Zone). Live broadcast at the link:

And, on Tuesday (15th), Itaipu is a guest panelist at the side event “The role of hydropower in Achieving Climate Resilience”, at 1 pm, at the Tajikistan Pavilion (Blue Zone). This event is in-person only. All times reported are in Sharm El-Sheik time (Egypt), which is five hours ahead of Brasilia.